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Instructional Approaches

  • CREDE: Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence
    This CREDE website includes articles from a national research and development center. Included are research principles, publications, and five standards for educational pedagogy.
  • First Grade Literacy Centers
    For this final class project, a student in the Nevada Reading Excellence Act Master�s Cohort developed a series of class literacy centers. Centers include computers, reading the room, pick a poem, pool reading, math stories, rhyme match, and an ABC game.
  • Focusing on Reading First Core Programs
    This article describes how schools in Nevada choose their core reading programs under Reading First.
  • Frank Serafini's Children's Literature Website
    Since teaching reading using units of study has been acknowledged to increase students' depth of understanding of text, Dr. Serafini has published his collection of favorite text sets for teachers to use.
  • The Reading Process
    This Clark County (NV) School District site provides information on guided reading, modeled reading, shared reading, independent reading, and vocabulary. Video clips of lessons are included for spelling/word study, phonics, and the alphabetic principle.