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  • Games
    This site of interactive activities includes making words, vocabulary, concept of word, phonics, alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness, and others.
  • Internet Resources to Assist Teachers with Struggling Readers
    This website provides an overview of web-based resources for teachers of struggling readers.
  • Literacy Empowerment Foundation
    LEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting educational programs by providing inexpensive children's books. The Reading Recycling Project provides free book collections for the cost of shipping and handling.
  • Personal Readers for Transitional and Intermediate Students
    For this final class project, three students in the Nevada Reading Excellence Act Master�s Cohort developed a description of use of personal readers with group content dictations, poems, and informational text. A personal reader list and discussion log template is included, along with student samples.
  • Songs
    This site features video and audio clips of songs to reinforce early literacy acquisition and phonics concepts.
  • Teacher Motivation
    This PowerPoint presentation on teacher motivation is one of a series of presentations and workshops for teachers produced by Literacy Leaders as part of NREA coursework (Note: these workshops are copyrighted by NREA and the authors. You are welcome to use/adapt them to your school under two conditions: a) that you give credit to the author, and b) that you return a copy of improved/adapted versions of the workshop to the NREA in care of Joan Taylor ([email protected]).
  • The Read In!
    THE READ IN! is an online interaction between children's authors and illustrators, and K-12 students.
  • Things to Print
    This site includes practice with short vowel sounds, word blending, alphabet skills, listening skills, word finding, and other activities to support early literacy development.