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The Early Literacy Network is a catalog of resources promoting early literacy.

Early Literacy Channels

These channels have been chosen as fundamental categories by educators and professionals working in the field. If you are just beginning to learn about this field then these catagories should help you address your basic needs. In case you need assistance that is more specific or simply wish to buy persuasive essay, you can always ask for guidance from professional writers.

  1. Phonemic Awareness
  2. Phonics & Spelling
  3. Fluency
  4. Comprehension
  5. Vocabulary
  6. Writing
  7. Motivation
  8. Family Literacy
  9. Struggling Readers
  10. English Language Learners
  11. Professional Development
  12. Instructional Approaches
  13. Student Engagement

As your needs become more specific you may want to start browsing the card catalog to find more narrowly focused sets of resources. We recommend that you take our tour before you begin.