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Struggling Readers

  • FOCUS on Struggling Readers and Writers
    This International Reading Association site provides links to resources, publications, books and sample chapters, journal and newspaper articles, and position statements relating to various aspects of literacy teaching and learning.
  • University of Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts
    The UTCRLA provides books and booklets for downloading as well as information on professional development for primary, secondary, and k-12 special education teachers. Downloadable resources with step-by-step teacher lesson plans include Reading Strategies and Activities Resource Book: For Students at Risk of Reading Difficulties Including Dyslexia (410 pages) and Word Study for Students with learning Disabilities Including English Language Learners (50 pages).
  • What does it mean to be a struggling reader?
    The Wisconsin Literacy Education and Reading Network Source channel on struggling readers includes information on factors that may hinder reading acquisition and general suggestions for struggling readers. Strategies for helping struggling readers include summarizing; using story grammar, imagery, questions, and think alouds; and activating prior knowledge.