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  • Fluency Workshop
    This workshop on fluency is one of a series of presentations and workshops for teachers produced by Literacy Leaders as part of NREA coursework (Note: these workshops are copyrighted by NREA and the authors. You are welcome to use/adapt them to your school under two conditions: a) that you give credit to the author, and b) that you return a copy of improved/adapted versions of the workshop to the NREA in care of Joan Taylor ([email protected]).
  • Fluency: A Review of Developmental and Remedial Practices
    This online review includes the stages of reading development, contributions of automaticity and prosody to fluent reading, and a research review. Two appendixes include summaries of repeated reading studies and assisted reading studies.
  • Open Court
    Open Court celebrates its two year anniversary this month by becoming the largest collection of free K-6 Open Court Resources available on the internet. Created by LAUSD teacher, Mathew Needleman of Saturn Street School, the site features literally hundreds of resources including powerpoints, unit opener ideas, chants, lesson plans, independent work time activities, links, sight word teaching systems, picture files, movies, the Open Court Discussion Board, and more.
  • Oral Reading Fluency/Accuracy - Relevant Quotations
    Quotes from experts and research related to Oral Reading Fluency/Accuracy (ORF/A) as a General Outcome Measure for reading proficiancy.
  • Poems and Songs That Teach
    This link contains the following themed poetic ideas to support phonological awareness: holidays and seasons, alphabet and phonics features, and animals. Ready-to-use readers theater scripts are included.
  • Reader's Theatre Scripts and Plays
    This site contains 54 scripts, a Readers Theatre teacher's guide, and a Readers Theatre evaluation guide. Also provided are tips on reading, scripting, and voice inflection.
  • Songs
    This site features video and audio clips of songs to reinforce early literacy acquisition and phonics concepts.
  • The Importance of Automaticity and Fluency for Efficient Reading Comprehension
    This online article is reprinted with permission from the International Dyslexia Association quarterly newsletter, Perspectives. Its sections include definitions of key terms, ideas about relationships among fluency and other key elements of reading, and several figures.